We lay the foundation for a structure of knowledge, for then it will be safe, wise and right to convey those "focussing Points", those "organising Words" and those "expressed Intentions" of the correctly trained occult healer."                "The highest and the newest method is that of calling into positive activity a man's own soul. The true healing is brought about when the life of the soul can flow without any impediment and hindrance throughout every aspect of the form nature.  It can then vitalise it with its potency, and can also eliminate those congestions and obstructions which are such a fruitful source of disease." (Master D.K.).

  The mission of the school is:


The higher education, training and application of the teaching on the Art of Esoteric Healing in all its aspects, in order to meet the current and future qualified needs on health and preventive healing.


To have trained healers who are able to cooperate with medical and paramedical professionals and with professionals in the field of the new psychology. 


To realise a truer view as to the Healing Art.

The school program is related to obedience to the soul and the dharma of its participants.


For this, we invite (aspirant) healers, who with an inner recognition and a professional attitude are willing to serve and support humanities unfoldment, to guide its integration and transformation processes, towards soul-consciousness and to the One Soul. 


We do not intend to deal with the scientific awakening of the centres or with the technicalities of bringing them into the desired balance and activity. The whole subject of the centres is dangerous if misunderstood; the centres constitute a menace when prematurely awakened or unduly energised, and this entire subject can prove most dangerous to the curiosity-impelled man and to the ignorant experimenter. 


But the time is right for a presentation of this subject, when it will be held in a trustfully coordinated and conditioned manner; Paracelsus, school on the art of healing, warns their students, practitioners and healers against publishing a clear correlated thesis on the subject as a result of their research and practices.

For those who have made an ignorant use of breathing exercises and of the stimulation of the kundalini-fire in other so called yoga-schools, Paracelsus might not be the right school for them. These exercises namely may result (if in nothing worse) in a setting back for several lifes of the clock of their progress.